The Beauty of Brickstone Siding

Window World TX is known for offering San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi homeowners the affordable and unmatched efficiency of our stylish, and Good Housekeeping and Energy Star approved, windows, but Window World TX also loves to showcase its other beautifully crafted products. Namely, custom Brickstone Masonry Siding that cant be beat by the competitors or the weather.

Brickstone, a family-created and run company, was born right here in San Antonio. It has flourished for more than half a century, withstanding everything from the long years to Category 5 hurricanes. If you want to boost your homes curb appeal, or simply replace your old, broken or unsightly vinyl, fiber cement or wood siding, opt for the style and durability of Brickstone. The full masonry siding can be made to nearly match any stone or brick. You can match your homes existing brick, or use Window World TXs patented masonry siding to transform an all siding house, and achieve the look of a brick or stone house.

Not only is Brickstone maintenance free, its extremely low maintenance to install. Unlike other masonry, it wont require additional foundation and can be applied to your home over brick, metal, wood, stucco, asbestos or virtually any surface. In four easy steps, you can have attractive, hand-sculpted, full masonry siding. Updating manufactured homes is easy with our siding for the whole home or skirting. With a Brickstone makeover, older homes will experience increased energy efficiency and comfort. Its monolithic air infiltration barrier will eliminate any cracks or leaks where conditioned air could escape.

Brickstone has all the appeal of brick and stone, with additional safety perks. The fireproof siding withstood the force of hurricanes while brick homes crumbled. In fact, not even one home equipped with Brickstone siding was lost in Hurricane Ceila, the last hurricane to directly hit Corpus Christi. Your Brickstone siding will be unharmed by heavy winds, extreme rain, salt and hail. With its superior strength, Brickstone can even lower your homeowners insurance and is approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. Brickstone siding also carries a limited lifetime warranty, one of the many reasons it has been installed on thousands of homes since its creation in 1947.

If youre ready for a change in the home you have now, you dont have to resort to packing up the moving truck. A total transformation can start with Brickstone. Before you know it, you could be enjoying the red brick or washed stone house youve always dreamed of. Texas homeowners have trusted Brickstone for 65 years. Come and see what everyone is talking about at Window World TX, where the goal is to help you create the home youve always wanted.