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Important Information Regarding Incentives on Solar Panels for Your Home With the high costs of energy and the likelihood of blackouts as predictable as ever, individuals and business alike are exploring solar power as an effective alternative. Today, more and more people in New Jersey and across the country are jumping into the renewable energy by installing solar and wind power systems in their homes. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most reliable sources of electricity. When it comes to sources of renewable energy, the sun’s energy is plentiful.This energy is available as long as there is the sun and there is no possibility of running out of solar energy, unlike other energy sources.This type of energy is available in every place around the world. While using solar energy in your home can provide innumerable benefits, the initial costs of purchasing a solar system can be quite high. Over the last several years, New Jersey has done an excellent job promoting solar power. There federal and state governments are making it easier for consumers to reap the benefits of solar energy by offering tax rebates and incentives. New jersey solar power incentives can lower the cost of a solar panel system substantially. They make solar power less expensive than power from the utility company.
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The federal government allows a 30 percent tax credit on your solar system cost through an investment tax credit. Residential and commercial customers alike can take advantage of this tax credit. It applies to all the major types of solar technology including solar heating and cooling, concentrating solar technology, as well as photovoltaic solar technology.
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New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program provides financial incentives to residential customers to help them save money, energy, and conserve the environment. One of the rebate program offered is the Residential New Construction Program that incentivizes the construction of new homes depending on their energy efficiency. The program applies to both single and multi-family residences. Other solar incentives include Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates Program. Availability of different incentives on solar panels for your home and solid solar technology combine to create a perfect environment to change your energy habits and save money at the same time. A reliable residential solar company will provide specialized solar panel system for your home. You will want to find local solar panel installers with substantial experience in solar systems design. Such a company will know how to predict energy production accurately and with the assistance of a team of capable solar design professionals, it is obvious that they will bring the most value to your solar project. Searching for different solar panel incentives and rebate programs on your own can be a daunting task. A reputable solar company in NJ can help you identify all the qualifying tax credit and rebate programs for your system and help you file the necessary paperwork.