Storage Heaters for Convenience & Economy

If you live in a cold climate such as the UK then you know how bleak it can get during the winter months. Theres nothing worse than not being able to get warm and a home should be comfortable and cozy, however expensive heating costs deter many people from having their heating on as much as they would like. Electrical storage heaters offer a much more economical alternative to any other type of heating system for your home as they use low-cost off peak electricity to store up heat overnight, and then release the heat during the day and evening when you most need it.

There are lots of benefits to storage heaters apart from saving yourself a lot of money in energy bills. The main one is that the heaters are slimline making them ideal for placement on a wall where they blend well into the dcor, as well as requiring less space than gas or oil-fired heating systems. They are also very useful for houses that have no gas supply and have to rely on electricity suppliers with higher rates than the national average. As storage systems use the cheaper electricity they offer an affordable alternative for families struggling to meet high energy costs during a cold weather spell.

There are many types of storage heaters on the market so you should always do some research before making any final decisions. High performance heaters have an in-built sensor which means they can sense the temperature in the room and adjust it accordingly preventing the room from getting too hot or cold. The choice available include heaters with manual or automatic charge control, combination models that include a convector heater, and fan assisted models for increased efficiency and control.

Storage heaters are slim and stylish, most come in a subdued colour tone that fit in well with any colour scheme and are hardly noticeable. With a depth ranging from as little as 150 – 170mm, they can easily be hidden away behind a piece of furniture or sofa without upsetting the overall appearance of a room, many people opt for them for their aesthetic appeal, as well as their ability to heat a room quickly and effectively.

Easy to install and fit with the minimum of fuss and mess as there is no need for pipework or flues, they warm up your home in just a short time. Containing no moving parts or internal combustion, they are practically maintenance free and do not involve a yearly safety check. The controls are hidden away on the side of the heater away from inquisitive children and secure wall fixings ensure there is no danger of them falling over, the feet fit discreetly under the carpet making it a very tidy feature.

There are lots of options to be found online from leading brands such as Robinson Willey, Sunhouse, Elnur and Dimplex. Check out the Sunhouse 1.7kw auto night storage heater for under 150, with an auto sensor it senses the room temperature and adjusts the input accordingly. It has an attractive and stylish appearance and ultra slim depth for a very low price. Or, if youre looking for something with more power then how about the Elnur 3kw fan assisted storage heater for just under 500? This heater uses low tariff electricity just as every standard storage heaters does, but instead of automatically emitting the stored heat by convection fan assisted heaters incorporate a low speed silent fan, which draws air through the core of the heater, and discharges the heat at a time that you decide.

Electric heating is extremely resourceful, as well as being a safe mode of heating, it is also known to be one of the most reliable and simplest to use with hardly any cleaning required. Just a wipe down now and again is sufficient. The system only takes a few hours to install, unit costs are low, and it is highly economic to run thus it offers outstanding value for money.

If you decide to purchase an electric storage heater then ensure you employ a qualified electrician as its important its installed in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations. Look online for a storage heater today and ensure your family home is warm and comfortable this winter.