Cost efficiency on international and local calls Avantages: Probabilité de recommander le produit: I can choose their extension or their cell phone if they are listed in our directory. I was a user of this application in a call center and my experience was very good, although sometimes I had to hang up was not very frequent, on the contrary the option of auto-answer is excellent to not lose incoming calls. The voice mails come to my inbox quickly which is nice.

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I also have some issues with the log of incoming and outgoing calls. Perfect for telesales 3. Training is vital to understand the tool. You also need to invest time in learning the program or to have a designated 3CX admin ,in order to get the maximum from it. In latest version there is one manual feature allowed softphonr to switch on or off the call recording.

Also in the design of the interface the option to keep waiting is very close to 3xx hangs up the call and it is very easy to make an error.

The whole system is running and performing as you would expect stable and reliable. Temps d’utilisation du produit: And, when you choose one or the other, there are no other « Ala Carte » options.

We work around this easily in most cases and if not we run two instances on the same server. I would recommend this to anyone with a business of the size where I work, we have around 80 employees. From our office phone we are able to see if our guests hotel are using the phones in their rooms amd can easily xfer calls to guests or staff.


Essentially having two lines or more on your smart phone can be very useful!

3cx softphone

Some of our 1 person shops use this as they really only need a basic PBX nothing special. We were initially turned off that it was Windows based however this has turned out to be a HUGE benefit. The outgoing calls are very good and with great quality. The unique software approach taken by 3CX eliminates the inferior 3xx fluff that is typically bundled with phone systems sold by other manufacturers.

Télécharger 3CX Phone System for Windows Free (gratuit)

As most of the users use this feature to avoid Quality assurance department. Updates are regular and we have no issues.

3cx softphone

Cost efficiency on international and local calls. One PBX ties our main facilities in with multiple repair crews and project offices.


The call channel restriction is a pain. Base licensing does not include some of the more advanced features that would set this apart from other software options. Easy to use, no hassle PBX system sfotphone enterprise reliability and small-business ease of use.

I just recommended this to a friend of mine who recently opened a small 3c and wanted a a nice VOIP software For example, we have clients that have standing meetings on Monday from The latest service pack allows for failover although yet to be tested fully. They can be ignored, though we’ve invested into learning and building on them.

Self training will not be the best in softpbone case. Its communication medium the internet makes it easy for people to communicate despite geographical obstacles and the best thing is it doesn’t charge for call roaming costs all you need is access to the internet and the software.


3cx softphone

Afficher le profil Sogtphone. Cost efficiency on international and local calls Avantages: Not only can we use are existing utilities and subscriptions to do backups, screen sharing, maintenance, etc, but our employees were immediately comfortable making changes and other maintenance.

We have a flawless phone system that is easy to administer with lots of extra features. The only disadvantage I have found is that sometimes the application crash and it is necessary to restart it.

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Très faible Très élevée. I have had to sooftphone the internet to find the information I required and this was from fellow users who been kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise. It is also easy to transfer calls to other people or 3xx out by just typing the first couple of letters in the person’s name.

Simply the best soft phone i ever used Inconvénients: New 3cc added regularly inexpensive multi-platform mobile fully featured for call centers or standard business pbx High Available backup PBX Inconvénients: Very often we install it on existing Windows based hardware that is used for other purposes as well without any issue.

The ability to easily setup phones and manage the PBX, things like doing a scheduled backups, can easily restore a backup if needed, ability to manage calls, extensions, users, etc.